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About Liz Pike

I am inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the lush gardens at my organic Shangri-La Farm in Fern Prairie. My latest works include bold crimsons with umber on the palette in my quest to paint the perfect aging sunflower.

I was recently asked why I paint so many downward facing sunflowers. I love the colors and I find them most appealing as they face the earth in their advanced stages. Sunflowers refuse to go down without a magnificent fight. And this is what I seek to portray in my work; that there is grace and beauty in the aging process of all things living.

I enjoy sharing my work with the public at several summer art festivals and other regional events which showcase original art.

I’m also active teaching new painters in oils on canvas at my Shangri-La Farm based studio called ART FARM. These classes fill up quickly so please book early. See the schedule of art workshops on the ART FARM tab.

Liz is a member of several artists guilds including Battle Ground Art Aliance, Artisans Guild of Camas, and the Society of Washington Artists.

Contact Liz Pike

  1. (360)281-8720 / email

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Current Galleries featuring work by Artist Liz Pike

Liz Pike Art at Camas Art Gallery: 408 NE Fourth Avenue in Camas. Several Liz Pike originals are on display for sale.

Liz Pike Art at Pike Art Gallery: 26300 NE Third Street, Camas. Several Liz Pike originals are on display for sale.

NEWEST WORKS: Inspiration in Nine Square Feet: 36” x 36” original oils on canvas $1,800 ea.

Mt. Hood’s

Winter Crown

36” x 24”

original oils on canvas


Sunset Snowfall on Brush Prairie

24” x 36”

original oils on canvas